Slow Food association was founded in 1989 as a response to Fast Food and hurried life, the disappearance of local culinary traditions.
, Slow Food Association is an extensive network of over 105,000 members in 153 countries grouped in local branches, which are intended to protect the local culinary culture, driven by three interrelated principles:
Good: eating fresh, tasty, satisfying senses and taking part of our local culture.
Clean: produced in harmony with nature and human health.
Just: prices for consumers, fair pay and conditions for small producers.

Slow Food organization operates in three directions: Ark of Taste, chair, Terra Madre. These are the most powerful tools used by the organization to save tradition, small-scale food production.

"Ark of Taste" - Ark of Taste is a catolog of endangered gastronomic products, which at this moment in Romania are included only five products including cheese in pine bark.

Through the
Prezidia program the organization supports and promotes small scale manufacturers.

Terra Madre is a worldwide network of agricultural artisans, seconded by the "Salone del Gusto" - Hall of taste, which gathers every two years about 6,000 producers, 1,000 cooks and 200 university professionals from around the world creating a truly rainbow of nations.