Bucegi Farm

" Cheese in fir tree bark" production center.

Bucegi farm and the production center " cheese in  fir tree bark" are located in the alpine zone of the Bucegi Mountains (1280 m), with vehicle access from the village Moeciu through Kings Valley, covering through a 2.5 km forest road.

Drumul forestier Ferma Bucegi Ferma Bucegi

Bran, Moeciu, Fundata is an area with a long tradition in the milk procesing, which is mentioned in documents found at the museum Bran customs.

Since 1730, this cheese was considered staple food in the family or as currency between manufacturers of the Bucegi Mountains with those of the plains.

Branza de Burduf in coaja de brad | Ferma Bucegi Branza de Burduf in coaja de brad | Ferma Bucegi Branza de Burduf in coaja de brad | Ferma Bucegi

Bucegi farm benefits from this tradition and recipes, retaining the same technology and same type of wooden vessel used for generations, but adapted to the requirements imposed by the EU and those in force in Romania.

Document de Inregistrare Sanitara Veterinara

Cheese in fir tree bark was highly appreciated at international events to which we invited several vendors from the cheese in fir tree bark Presidium we represent and coordinate.

During recent years, since 2004, through
Slow Food International , I attended numerous exchanges with producers of cheese in the alpine region of Italy, France and Bulgaria, realizing this need for such a project in the mountains of Romania... Bucegi Mountain's alpine region respectively. The location chosen for construction of farm Bucegi center is not accidental, being established in Italy with a delegation composed of representatives of Slow Food and physicians from ASL Italy.